On Assignment for You

On Assignment for You

Do you have a photography task to be taken on but are still looking for a photographer? Do you have a product which needs that extra-special staging, needs perfect lighting to make it shine? Are you working in industry and need proof-points for your clients, have a small business that...
Cityscapes - Slide Show

Cityscapes – Slide Show

A gallery of inspiring moments captured in various cities around the world.
Switzerland - Slide Show

Switzerland – Slide Show

A gallery offering glimpsing into the various typical and beautiful regions of my small home country that offers so many specialities – 26 cantons, 4 languages, 26 dialects (and many more), 3 distinct topographical regions – explore!
Nepal - Slide Show

Nepal – Slide Show

A recent trip to the country has shown me the hidden beauty as well as the open problems and poverty that this very nice central Asian country full of hills and mountains is faced with. Find a selection of impressions in this slide show.
Hawaii - Slide Show

Hawaii – Slide Show

Hawai’i, a story in space and time, 2200 miles from the nearest coast, a small archipelago in the middle of the vast Pacific, and yet a chain of seamounts and islands thousands of miles long and millions of years old – a fascinating story indeed. I had the privilege of...
Underwater - Slide Show

Underwater – Slide Show

For a few years now, I have been taking a DSLR scuba diving with me. The world is really different underwater, and many people say we know less about the depths of our oceans than about the moon. For me, already the first 100 feet below the surface are far...
Geology - Slide Show

Geology – Slide Show

As a geoscientist and avid traveler to beautiful scenery, I have collected many shots from our active and ever changing earth. Here you will find a carefully selected sample set of fascinating geology shots. Please click on any picture to start the slide show.
Germany - Slide Show

Germany – Slide Show

A selection of fine imagery from my travels across the landscapes of Germany. Please click any of the pictures to start the slide show.


Welcome to bewegteZeit – a small glimpse into my world of photography and motion pictures. Please feel free to open the various galleries found in the theme menus  by choosing the topic you are interested in. Clicking on an image will open a full screen gallery that you can browse...
Latest entries


Timelapse Bay of San Francisco

Timelapse Halema’uma’u Crater Glow on the Big Island of Hawai’i

Timelapse of the Holei Sea Arch on the Big Island of Hawai’i

Timelapse of the Solar Eclipse at Bryce Canyon National Park



welcome to bewegtezeit

Welcome to bewegtezeit. Time is motion, and photographs are a wonderful means of trying to capture that magic moment in time before it is lost forever. A good photograph will make your eyes wander, discovering more and more as you linger in this second when the trigger was pulled, this second that is frozen forever. At the other end of the time spectrum, time lapses are short movie clips put together from a series of photograph taken over time – things slow to the human eye suddenly are agitated and moving – bewegtezeit.

My name is Michael Szönyi, and I am presenting here my photo and motion picture work. The headings of the navigation bar will lead you to the galleries displaying a carefully selected sample for this particular section. Some of the topics offer submenus that will directly guide you to the detailed gallery. Simply click on any picture of the gallery to get a full screen slide show.

If you want to learn more about me, please visit my profile in the about section.

All of the pictures shown here are available for sale in your desired size and format – just leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you. I am an experienced photographer working for a variety of picture agencies, including imagebroker, AlpineStock, Sciencephoto and Imagepoint. Since the full-HD and better capabilities of the Canon EOS 5D DSLR series, I have also published a series of motion works.

If you have a photography assignment where your requirements are matching my skills, I am more than happy to provide you with an offer. My work is professional, adapted to all your needs and intended to be interactive and personalized so that we can realize your ideas and concepts. Check out the assignment section for my experience and more details on previous work and contact me for a personal discussion.

Sports – Slide Show

A choice of action sports


Action – Slide Show

Find a gallery full of action from various events or activities I attended

About the photographer


If you have seen a little bit of my website by now, you may be interested who I am and what my motivation for the site and my photography is.

I am Swiss born and based, currently living on the shores of beautiful Lake Constance. Photography is not my main profession – I am a geophysicist by training, with a MSc degree from the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). My major was in seismology, but currently I am working as a flood specialist with Zurich Insurance. However, the intricate and fascinating realm of Geosciences is still at my heart, trying to understand how our Mother Earth (“Gaia”) works and what we can learn from it. Photography is a great means of capturing moments of nature, at any scale, at any time, in any dynamic way imaginable.

Whenever possible, I have my camera equipment and tripod with me and try to discover the world with this “third eye” of mine. I have extensively traveled all my privileged life, from Australia to Mongolia, from Hawai’i to the Canary Islands, from the easternmost tip of the US to the westernmost and southernmost. I am very forgetful of all the many things that I see, discover and try to digest, and so I used to keep a diary before blogs were invented, and still now I think taking notes and capturing both text and picture is key to understanding where one has been and perhaps where one is going. As such, I have tried to combine my photography, geoscience and writing skills, and for six years now I have been a somewhat successful but not-so-well-selling author of the travel series “Georeisen“.

But I don’t just keep my hobbies to myself – I am available for your assignment! Check out the assignment page to learn about my experience and my equipment to convince you that I am the right person for your job, task, idea or vision.